The History of the Mansion

The Mansion in Zglobice
In the 19th century the property belonged to the Countess Lanckoroński and presumably it was her who built the mansion, which was reconstructed later on by Turnau Family. The 1848 cadastral plan mentions already the then existing Mansion with a park established in the first half of the 19th century. During the second half of the 19th century the brick mansion replaced the wooden one, and new trees were planted (the so called chestnut alley). Slight changes were also introduced in the planning of the park. In 1895 the Countess Miroszowa’s property was divided. In 1886 the Count Jan Zborowski became the owner of Zglobice. Right after Zborowscy the owners of the Mansion were Turnau Family.

During the WW I the two-storied Mansion lost its roof. The works during the reconstruction of the building did not include the full function of the attic.

In 1922 Zofia Turnau was given Zglobice by her father Jerzy Turnau, the founder of the Lwow University – Jerzy Turnau’s Wyzsze Kursy Ziemianskie. In 1924 Zofia Turnau married Adam Marszałkowicz with whom she ran the mansion until 1945.

Adam Marszałkowicz from Brzezie, Zadora coat of arms was the FIRST PRESIDENT OF TARNOW in years 1930-1934. Thanks to that fact the mansion is called ‘the Presidential Mansion’.

During the WW II next to the mansion there was situated a villa in which one produced hand-grenade for the AK (Armia Krajowa or Home Army). The production was led by Jan Debski, the activist of Stronnictwo Ludowe ‘Piast’, MP and the Deputy Speaker of the Republic of Poland, who was hidden in Zgłobice from the occupants. The large scale of production may be proved by the fact that the stuff was brought by the lorries and their loading was dealt with by the whole group of people.

The activity of Adam Marszałkowicz and his family (by the production helped also Zofia and Adam Marszałkowicz’s oldest children ) and especially the function he performed as the Delegate of the Polish Government in exile on behalf of the AK were the reason for the unlawful seizure of the mansion in Zgłobice under the so called ‘land reform’.

Zglobice were taken away on the 23rd January 1945 but Zofia Marszałkowicz appealed against the decision and proved that the whole property’s area measured less than 50ha. The property was measured by the district surveyor and on the 4th May 1945 and the President of the Provincial Land Office in Cracow informed Zofia Marszałkowicz that: ‘the land property of Zglobice in tarnowski district is not covered by the law of PKWN (Polish Committee of National Liberation) Decree’. And the Zglobice property was returned to the rightful owner on the 1st August 1945 and the new owners resigned voluntarily from the land grant documents.
Later on the mansion with its surroundings was taken and returned few times more.

After WW II there was organised an elementary school, then an Agricultural Advisory Centre.

The final decision of giving back Zglobice property was made by the Ministry of Agriculture on the 10th of April 2007. 3 years later the mansion with the park was bought by a businessman from Tarnow (owner of Cristal Park Hotels and Restaurants) who aimed at restoring the glory of the neglected property and bringing back its original glamour.

The thorough renovation was led to a successful end in 2014. Since then the Mansion called ‘Presidential’, to commemorate Adam Marszałkowicz, has begun its new history…

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