What to do

>>>PDF file Attractions around the hotel<<<Things recommended to do in our hotel

The Hotel :

  • Restaurant Belle Epoque– Our „apple of the eye”. The cuisine is a combination of worldwide refined cuisine and Polish cuisine. In the menu, you will find dishes referring to the best traditions of courtly cuisine, and a selection of wines from close areas from which the wine was drunk in the old days. Among the wines there are ones from the best Polish vineyards. The restaurant has been awarded by “Poland 100 Best Restaurants” since 2018
  • Herbal SPA – the healing power of water and herbs
  • Terrace – Part of restaurant open to the garden. Great place for breakfast and a coffee party on a calm summer evening.
  • Garden – Closed section adjacent to our hotel. It allows you to breathe fresh air and soak up the green. Located close to the reataurant it is combining the pleasures of connecting with nature with the pleasures of the palate.
  • Trees – the old assumption. The oldest trees in our park include oak growing on the hill behind the Villa (estimated age of 300 years) , and linden, black locust and white poplar growing right next to the manor (estimated age of 200 years). Noteworthy is also avenue of chestnut trees running along the street Dworska and Zgłobicka (age about 150 years) and more than a hundred years old catalpa ( Zofia Turnau’s favorite tree ).
  • Pets – A group of lovable pets for people who enjoy contact with animals. European fallow deer, a pony, llama and Cameroonian sheeps create a mini zoo. They allow themselves to be petted and feed . Especially loved by children
  • Magazines, books, games – available free of charge at the reception .
  • Hospitality” Villa – house where Guests of old owners of the manor stayed while visiting. The house itself dates from the late nineteenth century, but a building of the same features was already visible in the eighteenth century maps. In the basement of the villa during World War II was located secret factory “Sidolówka’s” (grenades produced in cans remaining after “Sidol” cleaning agent) for Undergound Army. The villa has been neglected after the war. Currently we are waiting for repairs. It is planned in the mobilization of additional hotel rooms.
  • Cottage in the valley” Neglected after the war. Currently we are waiting for repairs. It is planned to launch additional hotel rooms.
  • Fours” formerly farm buildings with shops, apartments for service, stables. Currently, the area on which ale located the District Management of Roads, Fire Brigade and other public institutions
  • Pavillon de Jardin – Garden pavilion allowing the organization of events regardless of weather conditions
  • Garage Available for Hotel Guests on request
  • Playground – attraction for younger guests
  • Wedding Bower– place of the wedings, the romantic outdoor pictures and candlelight dinners.

Nearby attractions ( walk distance):

  • Riding Centre “Jutrzenka”  – ( 950 m) . A place where you can work on horseback riding and jumping (for advanced users), or try their hand at riding a horse (for novice riders). Street Topolowa.
  • Buczyna (Beech) Forest – (1400 m) tragic place where throughout World War II Germans murdered 10,000 victims. Poles in the majority of Jewish origin. When Germany decided to definitively resolve “Jewish problem” in the period between 11 and 18 June Tarnów ghetto was liquidated in 1942. Only 11 June 6000 adults and 800 children were shot here.
  • Ponds in the Forest Buczyna – (1500 meters) Extremely charming natural place that is accompanied by one of the largest war cemeteries. Perfect for hiking. A place of silence and contemplation of wildlife. Perfect place for photography lovers.
  • Beach on Dunajec River – (2500 m) . Gravle beach on the Dunajec. The perfect place for a hiking trip, or trip by car. Warning! fragment of the road along the river (red on the map) very bad technically (requires cars with the higher suspension). You can go back through the neighboring village Blonie. An interesting route for a walk / jogging / bicycle trip . Note: mountainous area
  • The Off road route – (about 4 km). An interesting route leading through fields, forests next to the Buczyna forest. The beginning of a Spadzista (Sloping) Street (adequate name). It requires car with the higher suspension. Possible muddy fragments! Interesting as a walking route, or for mountain bikes. Note: mountainous area.
  • Road over Dunajec River – (about 7 km) route for walking, jogging, car trips, riding a bicycle. Fragment of the road along the river is quite destroyed (requires higher suspension). Note: mountainous area.

Near in Tarnow (a few minutes away by car / taxi / bus)

  • Market and Old Town – (8 km) – City – The Pearl of the Renaissance. We recommend to see the market, walk the streets, see the wooden church of Our Lady of the Scapular (on „Burek“)
  • The Cathedral (8 km) – The Cathedral – Basilica Minor, the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows. It is famous for Renaissance tombstones including the largest in Europe. Address: 2 Kapitulna Street (pl.Cathedral)
  • Tarnów Museum (8 km) – located in the Market Square in the oldest building, and Renaissance Town Hall with great collections. Address: Market 20-21, Pnone no. Tel. 14 621 21 49
  • Diocesan Museum (8 km) from valuable collections of sacred art (sculptures, textiles, painting) and painting on glass. Located in an old house next to the Cathedral. Address: Square Cathedral 6, phone no. 14 621 99 93
  • Ethnographic Museum – (7.5 km) Located in a historic mansion with a collection of Gypsy waggons and Romany culture. Address: ul. Krakowska 10, phone no. 14 622-06-25,
  • Tarnow Theatre (8.5 km) -known place on the cultural map of Poland. It is famous for the “Talia” comedy festival Address: ul. Mickiewicz 4, phone no. 14 688 32 87
  • Jewish Culture Heritage (8.5 km) – scattered around the market (neighborhood streets in Jewish district), and a residue of the old synagogue (Bima), mikvah and the Jewish Cemetery.
  • Mościce – (7 km) – a unique architectural premise – ” Garden District ” – It was established in twenty’s of the last century as housing facilities for Fertilizers Factory workers. Very interesting architectural assumption of houses for officers (the so-called ” Dyrektorówka ” – houses with gardens) and for employees (multi-family buildings). A detailed plan with suggested walk area available at the reception (leaflet). In Mościce there is located our three-star hotel with an excellent restaurant and a large wine selection
  • Wilhelm Sasnal Sculpture – (7 km). Sculpture which is a monument to what could have happaned and never did (captures a state of emergency in 1982). Wilhelm Sasnal – known artist, painter, filmmaker coming from Mościce.
  • Swimming Pool – (7 km) swimming pool of Tarnow Sports and Recreation Centre. Indoor and outdoor pool(In summer). Open daily 6:00-22:00 (Saturday, Sunday, holidays and vacations 8: 00-22: 00). Address:ul.Traugutta 3

A little longer trips:  North:

  • Dabrowa Tarnowska – Synagogue. (32 km) well preserved nineteenth century Synagogue . Currently, Cultures Meeting Centre. Address: ul.Berka Joselewicza 6, 33-200 Dabrowa Tarnowska , phone no. 14 657 00 09. On this tour we visit restaurant in our four-star Hotel in Dabrowa Tarnowska (Excellent cuisine). About 1 km away!
  • Zalipie – Painted village (43 km) The village is famous for its beautifully painted in floral motifs houses. The tradition survived even among current residents (annual competitions ). Address: House Malarek in Zalipie , 33-263 Zalipie 128 A, phone no. 14 641 19 38. In the course of this trips we recommend visiting the restaurant in our four-star Hotel in Dabrowa Tarnowska (excellent cuisine). A distance of about 14 km !


  • The Paderewski Centre – Kąśna Dolna. (31 km) Mansion belonging to I.J.Paderewski. Currently a museum which hosts music events. Address: Kąśna Dolna 17, 33-190 Ciężkowice , phone no. 14 621 09 21
  • “Fossil City” – Ciężkowice– (30 km ) extremely interesting forms of rock. Address: Ciężkowice, the provincial road 977. During this tour we recommend visiting the restaurant on the way in our Presidential Manor Zglobice (excellent cuisine).


  • Castle in Debno (15 km ) Residence of defens rebuilt in Renaissance period. Currently, a branch of the Regional Museum in Tarnów. Address : 189 Debno, 32-852 Debno, phone no. 14 665 80 35.
  • The castle in Nowy Wiśnicz (40 km) An early baroque defensive residence of Kmita and Lubomirski. Address: 32-720 Nowy Wiśnicz phone no. 14 612 85 89
  • Salt Mine in Bochnia (37km) object from the list of world Heritage UNESCO List .The history of mining dating back to the thirteenth century. Address: ul. Campi 15, 32-700 Bochnia, phone no. 14 615 24 60
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine (66 km)
  • Cracow (80 km)