Dwor Prezydencki (eng. Presidential Manor House) is a charming five-star Boutique Hotel & Spa located in the XIXth century park in the suburbs of Tarnow. Situated on top of a hill above the picturesque Dunajec valley, Dwor Prezydencki is a true oasis for the well-traveled, away from the hustle and bustle of a city. Embark on a culinary journey at Belle Epoque restaurant or relax in our one-of-a-kind herbal SPA. Individual approach to every guest and surrounding nature are just some of the qualities you will experience at our charming Manor House.

Why „Presidential”?

One of the residents of our manor was the first pre-war Mayor (In Poland called President) of Tarnów Adam Marszałkowicz. It is associated with it’s long and eventful history, especially from World War II. A true story at your fingertips.

Why „Boutique”?

The term is reserved for small hotels, driven by a passion and full orientation to elevate Guest’s experience. Like a tailor-made suit behind the closed doors of the studio.

Our employees are neither waiters, nor receptionists, but people who can be confidently be called Concierge or Ambassadors will help to craft your stay.


Located just 7 km from the heart of Tarnów, close to national road No. 94, Dwor Prezydencki is a true oasis that gives you peace and privacy. Sit under two-hundred-year-old linden trees and enjoy your chewing peace. Be surrounded by birds, squirrels, sheep, fallow deer, and forget about everyday problems.


The manor is a real historical residence dated back to the nineteenth century, saved from ruins by us. By staying with us, you breathe life into it, thanks to which it will survive for the next generations. So this is not just a hotel service, but also a heritage protection mission that guides us.

Belle Epoque Restaurant

You can’t imagine a noble residence without a kitchen. Using traditional recipes and trends from the “Belle Epoque” period, our restaurant is once traditional, yet unusual. Enriched with local wines and local ingredients. Discover why our restaurant was ranked among the 100 best restaurants in the country.


Utilizing the natural power of local herbs that perfectly regenerate your body and mind. “Ziolowe” (eng „herbal”) SPA harmonizes perfectly with the entire space, promising to deliver a sense of calm, serenity, and pleasure.